by Chuck McAlister

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The Marks of Christian Maturity (1 of 23)
Series: A Faith that Works
Chuck McAlister
James 1:1


Begin a new series: THE FAITH THAT WORKS.
Study of the Book of James.


1- Book of James : Proofs that are meant to be used as a measuring stick to measure your maturity as a Christian.
2- 2 major themes in Bible (all 66 books):

a- The Way to God - directed toward the person who is lost in sin.
b- The Walk with God - directed toward the Christian; how to live your faith.

3- James - fits into this 2nd theme.
4- It is practical - plain talk to plain people.
5- D.L. Moody has called the book of James -''religion in shoe leather.''

a- James attacks phonies - He attacks hypocrites - He attacks those who claim to believe, but whose lives don't prove it.
b- There are no deep discussions of doctrine, like you find in Paul's letters; James just says, ''You ought to live like you believe.''

- You live what you believe, anything else is just a bunch of religious talk.

c- If you study the book of James honestly, it will change your walk with Jesus Christ.
d- There is a tendency to not study the entire book - it is too painful many times: because James points out areas of phoniness in our lives that we just don't like to see.
e- You start wondering how James knows so much about you: You begin to feel that he's been reading your mail, or picking through your thoughts or listening to what is happening in your home.

(P.10 - D. Jeremiah)

6- James shows us what it means to mature as a Christian.
7- Nothing complicated - teaches with childlike simplicity.

(B) James, the 1st Book written in the New Testament, The Basics of the Christian life.

1- The 10 Commandments, The Basics of Morality - the moral life!
2- The Book of James, The Basics of Spirituality!
3- James, quotes the Sermon on the Mount 23 times.
4- At time or writing - Rome, HQ of the world - emperor: Claudius - hated Jews who ...

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