by Bob Wickizer

Letter from Sarah
Bob Wickizer
Genesis 17:1-7,5-16 ; Psalm 22:22-30; Romans 4:13-25; Mark 8:31-38

My dear cousin. You recall that my husband's concubine Hagar bore a son to him and that even though my husband desperately wanted a son in his old age, I couldn't stand the thought of him doting over Hagar's child. So I told Abram to get rid of Hagar and her son. Send them out in the desert. Send them somewhere, just don't keep them here with us. I told him it is better for us die in our old age without a child than to have this arrangement with Hagar and Ishmael.

After Abram sent Hagar out into the desert to die she had some kind of encounter with the spirits there. She returned to us and apologized to me for holding me in such contempt. She told me that she had seen god face to face in the desert and that an angel told her to return to me. Can you imagine that? I think the heat got to her. Ishmael is now four years old and he is quite a handful. Already he is skilled with the bow and the knife. Abram has been acting strange lately. He calls me Sarah instead of Sarai. He told me to call him Abraham instead of Abram. I can't get used to these things. Here we are close to death and Abram, I mean Abraham, has all these new ideas.

He came to me the other night with his face glowing like the sun. I thought perhaps he had been in the sun too long but it was already well past sundown. That's when he told me about our new names. ''Where did you get these ideas Abram?'' I asked. He scolded me and said, ''Call me Abraham from now on.''

You know we have always told our neighbors that there is only one god above all the idols they worship. This was never a popular idea but the other night when Abraham came into our tent all glowing like the sun, he told me that he had spoken with God Almighty, El Shaddai, the one god above all gods. And he told me the most incredible, outrageous thing I have heard in my entire life. When he told me what El Shaddai said to him, I f ...

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