by Robert Walker

The Truth and Real Religion
Robert Walker
James 1:22

John Blanchard in his book on James shares the story about traveling along the beautiful Sognefjord in Norway on one occasion, I was told that the snow is sometimes so delicately poised on the mountainsides surround the fjors that in the spring, when it begins to melt, the sound of a human voice can be sufficient to bring it crashing down in an avalanche of destruction and death.

Well I believe this is the message of James in chapter 1 verse 22-27. In the same way, there are situations in our lives-at home, at work, in the church, in our social lives- so delicately poised that the sound of a human voice can trigger off an avalanche of pain and sorrow.

What kind of religion do we have? Is it like a SPARE TIRE (used only in the case of an emergency)? WHEELBARROW (easily upset and must be pushed)? BUS (ridden only when it goes your way)?

Whatever kind of religion we have, it is of no value unless it is pleasing to God in heaven. Let's three things about truth and real religion.

First of all we must:-


And James gives us an illustration of a man who looks into a mirror and he sees himself. He thinks he knows himself and he thinks he understands himself.

But then he finds out that when he leaves he soon forgets who he is and he soon loses his sense of identity and he loses his sense of relationship to God.

Real religion brings liberty--false religion brings bondage.

Real religion gives life--false religion gives death.

Real religion glorifies God--false religion
deifies man.

Real religion warms the soul--false religion
freezes the heart.

Real religion is base on truth and false religion on error.

Now what James is saying many of you are dispersed and you are living in a strange land and you are looking in the mirror but you don't really know what you are? You have forgotten that you are bought with a pric ...

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