by David Cawston

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Real Desperate Housewives (5 of 5)
Series: Extreme Makeover: Family Edition
David Cawston
I Peter 3:7

When it comes to marriage, to raising a family and parenting children, no one has ever taught us the rules....let alone how to play the game, think about it!
Nobody really ever taught us how to be a good spouse,
Nobody really ever taught us to teach our children in a way that will keep them from turning to drugs, alcohol and sex.
Certainly we didn't receive any formal education from society.
Mostly we have relied on role models.

The problem is that even our own parents were never trained to be effective mothers and fathers or husbands and wives...

Unfortunately, our society in our entertainment craze, lays out role models for spouses and family that are disasters.

Television programs such as Desperate Housewives – The Osbournes – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – The Simpsons – all portray horrible role models for us that effect our life, our attitudes and our futures.

I begin this series today on Extreme Home Makeover – Family Edition out of a cry that I have heard from so many in our congregation asking "Please show us what a real family is like?
Give us a model?"
This series I developed with the help of a focus group from this church that met with me a couple of months ago and talked we about home and family and the issues that they are facing.

The church is the place where we should see the model of family life.
I am so thankful that God has placed the model in His Word.
God challenges us to be transformed by Christ power by renewing our mind.
That transformation begins with facing the truth honestly, confessing our wrong, then establishing new habits that will not bring about consequences resulting in disaster, but instead result in His blessings.
If we keep doing the old habits then we will keep getting the same results.
We have to be willing to learn and to change.

God has placed an imprint upon us ...

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