by David Cawston

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Raising Kids in the Rearview Mirror (4 of 6)
Series: Extreme Makeover: Family Edition
David Cawston

I can't imagine what it must be like trying to have a conversation with a teenager,
When his cell phone is ringing every 2 min
While his stereo is blasting sonic booms that register 10 on the Richter scale,
While watching a music video on MTV.

Most households today are chaotic beyond belief.
Along with all the multi-media distractions,
Plus dogs barking,
Cats yowling,
Sinks overflowing,
Kids all around,
Telemarketers calling,
Door to door salesman ringing the doorbell,
Micro-wave's beeping,
Modern life is so maddening.
Parents! Your voice is drowned out by the multi-media monsters that flood the sensitive teen, pre-teens and children.
You can't blame the kids, since we pay for most of the cultural distractions that occur in our homes.
Our homes are no longer our castles that provide a sanctuary.
Tragically most parents don't even try to fight it but surrender to it.
This chaotic lifestyle and external bombardment has greatly contributed to the existing crisis within our families.
The rituals of dinner around the table have all but disappeared in the midst of fast food, quick gulps and hasty good byes.
Instead of talking with each other to reinforce behaviors we want our children to develop,
We shoot snippets of information while channel surfing,
We own the remote control
but because of the internet, we have no control over the information our children have access too or the people they talk too.
Then there is the daily schedule of ballet classes, gymnastic lessons, volleyball games, basketball clinics, soccer camps and voice training.
Each activity is filled with good intentions designed to help our children develop their talents.
But I wonder what this "spoon fed" instruction is doing for our kid's attitudes to deal with life and their ability to entertain themselves.
Let alone receiving pos ...

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