by David Cawston

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God Talks Openly about Sex (3 of 6)
Series: Extreme Home Makeover: Family Edition
David Cawston

Grandmother and granddaughter, a precious 10 year old, spending an evening together, when she looked up to her grandmother to ask "How old are you Grandmother?" The woman was a bit startled by the question, but knowing the quick little mind of her granddaughter, she was not surprised or shocked. "Well honey, when you are my age, you don't share your age with anyone" "Oh, go ahead Grandma, you can trust me" "No dear, I never tell anyone my age" Grandma got busy fixing supper and suddenly realizing her little darling had been absent for 20 or more minutes, much to long. She went upstairs into her bedroom to find her granddaughter had dumped the contents of Grandma's purse on her bed, and was sitting in the middle of the mess holding her Grandma's driver license" When their eyes met, the granddaughter announced "Grandma, you are 76 " "Yes, I am and how did you find that out" "I found the date of your birthday here on your driver's license and I subtracted that year from this year" and the little girl went on to say "You also made an "F" in sex, Grandma"
I know many married adults feel like they have an "F" in sex!

That is why many never talk about it to their kids and never know where to turn themselves.
Yet we have a younger generation coming up that is learning sex from crazy sources such as friends, TV, Movies, magazines.
All they ever see is the perverted side and not the beautiful side that God intended.

Why should we let society teach us about sex, when our Creator who made us would like to do the teaching.
God's word is filled with instruction and God speaks very openly and is not prudish on this subject.

The Bible puts sex in the content of the deepest commitment one human being to another...

When we accept sex and sexuality as a precious gift from God, it clearly sets us apart from those who wish to misuse it.

The Bible tea ...

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