by Robert Walker

Confidence God's Way
Robert Walker
Ephesians 4:17

The Apostle Paul lists a series of twelve sins that need to be stripped from our lives: We are to strip off licentiousness. Licentiousness means living without moral rules or doing what you please.

Licentiousness is thinking, "I don't care if it is right or wrong, I am going to do it." Strip off lying. The next quality to be stripped from us is harmful anger, not just anger but harmful anger, evil talk, bitterness, hatred, and slander.

All of these are like dirty clothing that needs to be stripped off of our lives. Then there are three words that are grouped together: sexual immortality, impurity and covetousness.

Here, covetousness does not refer to coveting another person's possessions but coveting another person's spouse, a man's wife, a woman's husband; it is coveting someone who belongs sexually and intimately to someone else.

Strip off these pieces of dirty clothing that are associated with impure sexual thoughts and actions. Strip off silliness and filthiness.

Instead, "put on" on a new nature, which means put on new clothing style-"Strip off" and "put on are both words from the category of clothing: strip off the dirty clothes and put on the new clothes.

These are both clothing words. Put on the new nature, which means to put on the new clothing of kindness , tender hearted, forgiveness, imitators of God's love, filled with the Holy Spirit, singing hymns and spiritual songs, making melody in your heart, always and in everything giving thanks to God.


Are you still hanging onto the lifestyle you followed before you became a Christian? Confidence begins when you experience a change. That is what Paul is telling us.

To say that a person can come to Christ without making a break from the world is a lie and that kind of thinking will send more people down the broad road to destruction rather than the narrow way to salvation (Mat ...

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