by Robert Walker

The Resurrection: A Contemporary Experience
Robert Walker
Romans 5:1

A man was going down a street when in a store window he saw a very beautiful picture of the crucifixion. As he gazed spellbound at the vividly pictured story, he suddenly became conscious that at his side stood a young boy. The boy, too, was gazing at the picture, and his tense expression made the man know that "The Crucifixion" had really gripped the eager little soul.

Touching the boy on the shoulder, the man said, "Sonny, what does it mean?" "Doncha know?" he answered, his face full of the marvel of the man's ignorance. "That there man is Jesus, an' them others is Roman soldiers, an' the woman what's cryin' is His mother, an'" he added, "they killed 'im!"

The man did not want to move from in front of that impressive piece of artwork but he had other things he had to do, so he turned and walked away. In a few moments he heard footsteps on the street behind him, and there came rushing up the boy. "Say, mister," he exclaimed breathlessly, "I forgot to tell you, but He rose again!"

If I were to ask you this morning what is the greatest event in all of human history what would you answer? Would you answer the Exodus? Would you answer the golden age of Greece? Would you answer the Roman Empire? Would you answer the Reformation or American Independence or World War II or the first man on the moon?

Obviously each of us would give a different answer to the question and we would respond in a different way. When the bible talks about history it talks about it in terms of seven transactions. Namely Israel, the incarnation, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the Church and the return of Christ and eternity.

But the truth is that the greatest of these and the only even that makes any meaning to anything in history is the resurrection.

Without the resurrection Israel has no place in history.

Without the resurrection the Incarnation is not relevance. Without the resurrection th ...

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