by Robert Walker

Reflections of His Glory
Robert Walker
Exodus 34:29
How many times have I stood up front here and watched as a woman stepped forward in faith to join her life with a man?... Usually, she is accompanied by her father and, according to one of the traditions which has been passed down to us, she is wearing a veil that partially obscures her face. It's only later in the service, after promises of fidelity have been exchanged and a declaration of marriage has been made, that this veil is lifted. For the first time as husband and wife (which is a whole new chapter, believe me), they see each other face to face.
I've heard the comment after many a wedding, "didn't the bride's face just glow!" And it's true - though, I'm never sure how much of that glow is due to the romance of the occasion, or to the bright apparel she is wearing, or to the more-than-usual time spent putting on make-up etc. Even without all that, however, there is a sense in which her face does glow. This is, indeed, a bright moment in her life - one to be remembered

Growing, Going, and Glowing. There ought to be a glow- radiance, shine about us. Not in- physical way, material way,

But in a Supernatural way that this story so well illustrates. You see Moses had a vision of the Lord. He had seen the Lord. He had not seen all of the Lord.

But God had allowed his glory to pass by and God hid Moses in the cleft of the rock and Moses had seen the Lord. And Moses had commune with the Lord and the face of Moses shone.

That's why I want in my life. I want something about my life that when I speak there will be such a glow that people will know that what I say is from God and not merely my opinion.

You see when Moses cam down from the mountain and when Moses spoke- Moses had a word from God and they knew the message was from God because of the holy glow that was upon Moses. Moses having been long in familiar communion with his Maker, his flesh, as well as his soul, was penetrated with t ...

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