by Robert Walker

The Fruit of the Spirit Is Joy
Robert Walker
Galatians 5:22

Have you ever thought what it would really be like if you were condemned to death and sweating out in a prison knowing all the time you were not guilty?

What would you do? Panic, become bitter and withdraw or have a nervous breakdown. But there is a man who learned how to handle stress in a different way. He learned to live his life under pressure in a different way. He got a hold of a power within himself to handle life with mastery.

He could handle the situation regardless of the circumstances.


In Acts 21 Paul was committed to the Jerusalem jail.

In Acts 23 because of a conspiracy against his life he was spirited away by the authorities to Caesarea by sea, accompanied by 200 foot men and 70 horsemen and 200 spearmen.

In Acts 24 because of political bribery game Paul was incarcerated for two years without any action on his case.

In Acts 25 as he appealed his Romans citizenship and was ship to Rome. And from 61-64a.d he was chained between two palace guards and there he languished in that prison. He was released for a short time.

Then from 65-68 A.D. he was imprisoned again and tradition has it and in all probability the later part of that imprisonment he was in the mamertine prison in Rome, A deep dark dungeon far underneath the ground, no windows, no light, no bed, no chair, not bathroom, nothing but dampness and darkness.

There was a two foot hole in the ceiling where he could communicate with the outside world. And then in 68 A.D. he was beheaded at Nero's chopping block.

When you look at Paul you learn that discover that somehow he gain inner resources to meet what ever came his way. Here he was arrested by the Roman police. Here he was under hearing of Roman Governor. Here he was transported to Rome by Roman ships. Here he was chained between Romans guards. Here he was under arrest by Nero.

But not one time do you ever hear the apostle say ...

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