by Robert Walker

The Church on High Alert
Robert Walker
I Timothy 1:1-2

I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT WE ARE AT WAR IN AMERICA! It's a dirty war–in some ways, worse than the one we are waging against terrorism. It's being fought right here on our soil as well as in many other nations. It's a war for the minds and hearts of people–between the forces of good and evil, between God and Satan.

The stakes in this war are high because the price is heaven or hell, life or death, darkness or light, freedom or slavery, reward of punishment.

I don't know whether you realize it or not but there are 70,000 empty pulpits in America. Men are refusing to enter the ministry and men are leaving the ministry by the thousands.

And I want to say to you for your information that they are not by in large leaving for money.

Men are discouraged and frustrated with the ministry because of the shear cantankerousness of the people in the churches. And we are seeing godly men refusing to go into the ministry and godly men leaving the ministry.

The great tragedy is the church has started to soft peddler it where the devil is concerned. It seems to me that the people of the world believe more intently in the devil than the people in the church house.

All over America we are getting in our sanctuaries and arguing and fussing and quibbling and pouting and debating about little matters that amount to nothing.

Like the color of the carpet; or the position of the side walks and shrubby and other such foolish things like that while the devil is tearing our nations and the world apart.

I want to tell you something the church has got to equip itself for a battle and we have got to recognize the fact that we are engaged in a spirit to spirit warfare and we are going to have to endure hardness as a good soldier of the cross.

Like Paul we are going to have to fight a good fight. After 32 years in the ministry I want to tell you that our fight is not with our brethren of the faith and that' ...

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