by Robert Walker

Outward Expression of an Inward Experience
Robert Walker
Mark 5:24-34

Dr Cicely Saunders, a world authority on the care of the dying and founder of the hospice movement, told of a woman called Louie who had had a grim life. She was born with such brittle bones that she had spent all her life in bed. Far from complaining, her sufferings had only deepened her faith in God.

On one occasion Dr Saunders, when talking with her about the Christian faith and its relevance to the plight Louie was in, spoke of meeting the Lord at death. "And when it has really happened, what's the first thing that you will say to him?" she asked. Louie's reply was instantaneous, "Oh! I'll say, 'I know you.'"


We read of touch of a lady suffering for 12 years with a malady and with a disease and with a difficulty and with a sickness who lunged toward him in hopelessness.

She was saying to herself if I can but touch his garment I will be made whole. Hers was a touch of certainty.

That if I can touch the risen and reigning Christ I know he can rescue me and make me whole. And the message is we can come too Him with our most hopeless situation and by faith we can target him and be made whole.

He really wouldn't be much of a savior if he could save me from the hopeless situation of life.

From the story we learn that Jesus Christ can rescue you from what we would call a long-term situation that is unique.

There can be emotional disruption causes by guilt. Psychological confusion causes by chemical imbalance.

There can be moral failure causes by the fact that you have hung up the wrong kind of stimulus in you're the corridor of your mind.

You may feel like you are in a prison and there is no way out for that is the only kind of life you have known for a long time.

You may problems that have an earth shaking numbing effect and you have come to the conclusion that life will never be any different for you.

Perhaps th ...

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