by Robert Walker

Never Give in, Never Give up
Robert Walker
II Peter 1

Peter is taking to people who were hanging on for dear life and they were down to their finger nails. He was writing to people who were wanting to let loose but who were desperately trying to hand on.

Christians are aliens in the world. Verse 1: "Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who reside as aliens . . ."

Our first and primary citizenship is in heaven not the United States.

Our first a primary constitution is the Bible not the U.S. Constitution; our first and primary King and Commander in Chief is Jesus Christ and not President Clinton, and the dominant cravings of our heart are not for the treasures and tributes of the world, but for the kingdom of God.

And when he wrote to them the first thing he does is he identifies himself and says Simon Peter a servant who has given his will and life style to the service of Jesus Christ.

And he said I am identifying myself as a man who is a servant; an apostle, a messenger one who carries the message of the Lord. But he is more than just a carrier he is one who stead in the stead of another.

And so I Peter come to you as one who has lost his will and has given up his lifestyle to follower the Lord Jesus Christ. And Peter goes on to say I know you are wanting to let go and you are wanting to turn loose but there is the way you can apply the resources you have to and you can really stand.

What about the temptations, pressures, stresses, weariness, persecution, frustrations, suffering, confusion, perplexity, fears and traps that we face now?

Does God do anything about that? Does he send his Son to die for our sins, raise him from the dead to open eternal life, cause us to be born again, and then stand back to see if we will make it to heaven?

Peter is not about to leave that question unanswered, or even implicit. He makes the answer explicit, clear and powerful in verse 5.


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