by Robert Walker

How to Get Somewhere with God
Robert Walker
Philippians 3:13

I remember Florence Chadwick; aged 34, on July 4, 1952 waded into the water off Catalina Island and began her 21 mile swim toward California. If she completed her journey, she would be the first woman ever to accomplish this feat. The water was ice cold, and the fog was so heavy, that Florence could hardly see the boats in her own party.

Sharks often began to attack Florence as she swam and men armed with rifles in the boats surrounding her had to drive them off with carefully aimed shots. But the constant numbing cold of the water was her toughest problem.

Fifteen hours after she began, she asked to be taken out, her muscles sluggish and unresponsive due to the frigid water.
Her mother and trainer, alongside in the boat, told her they were near land. They encouraged her not to quit.

But as she looked ahead, all she could see was the dense she gave up and asked to be taken out of the water. When they pulled her out, she was only a half mile from the California cost! Only a small fraction of her journey was incomplete....she almost did it.

Later, when Florence's body began to thaw, the shock of failure finally hit her. To a reporter she blurted out, "Look, I'm not excusing myself. But if I could have SEEN the land, I might have made it."

Two months after her failure, Florence Chadwick walked off the same beach into the same channel and swam the distance, setting a new speed record, because she could see the land.

All of us can identify with Florence because we get discouraged if we can't see where we are going..... We are all irritated if we feel we are not making any progress in life but the word of God tells us we can go somewhere with God.

Several months a young man was sharing with his pastor and he said, "Pastor I know that I am saved but I have a giant size problem. I feel like I am not getting anywhere with the Lord.

Probably m ...

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