by J. Gerald Harris

We Will Set up Our Banners
J. Gerald Harris
Psalm 20

We are still at the beginning of this New Year, and I think we're getting off to a good start. But I want us to be very sure that we concentrate upon making this a glorious year in the history of our church. The desire of my heart and the prayer of my soul is that the combined efforts of pastor and people will result in one continuous series of victories.

In fact, I'm fired up about the Lord. I'm fired up about our church. I am fired up about these exciting days in which we live.

Did you hear about the man who desperately needed a job? And he applied for a job in a clothing store. And the manager of the clothing store said, "Okay, here's the deal. I have this ugly, ugly suit. If you can sell it, you have the job."

Well, this mail who had been unemployed for a period of time was ecstatic. He said, "That's great. All I wanted was a chance."

Well, an hour later he came back to the manager and said very excitedly, "I did it. I did it. I sold that suit."

The manager was quite pleased. He said, "You must be a determined salesman. But tell me, where did you get all of those lacerations? Was the customer angry?"

And the man said, "Oh, no sir. But his seeing eye dog nearly tore me to pieces."

Well, that man was determined to sell that suit and he was enthusiastic about doing it.

Well, I'm excited. I feel that the new day is about to dawn upon the life of our church. A new chapter in the history of Eastside Baptist Church is going to be written this year. I want us to trust the Spirit of God to help us write a new and exciting chapter in the life of our church.

Now at this point, allow me to make a suggestion. I want us to begin; I want us to initiate this year by setting up our banners. That's what David called upon the people of Israel to do in our text. Notice in verse five he said, "We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners."

The word for ...

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