by Jerry Vines

Jesus, the One and Only
Jerry Vines
Colossians 1:15-20

One of my favorite things to do is to go to a bookstore when I have a little time and just browse. I get a mocha, and then I begin to walk around and I look at all of the various books. Invariably in my browsing, I wind up in the religion section.

I remember one day I was doing that and I was browsing in the books, and I saw a title which immediately caught my interest. The title of the book was, ''One Jesus, Many Christs.'' One Jesus, singular, many Christs, plural. When I saw the title of that book I said, ''That pretty well expresses the current religious atmosphere in America.'' Jesus is not the only one. Jesus is just one among many.

We are being told today that all religions are equally true and that truth is truth only if it is truth to you. If my truth is true for me, that's fine. If your truth is truth for you, that's fine. If my truth is that Jesus Christ is my Savior and it works for me, then that's fine. But on the other hand, if someone else says, ''Ronald McDonald is my savior,'' and it works for him then that is fine also.

Jesus, we are told, is not the one and only, but Jesus is just one among many. It's kind of like a supermarket religion. You walk into a supermarket and on the shelf you will find all brands of soap. All of those brands of soap will get you clean so you walk in and say, ''I've got a new brand of soap, Ultra soap, and it will get you clean.'' They say, ''That's great. Just put it on the shelf along with the others that will get you clean.'' But I say that there is one thing that you have to understand, it's the only one that will get you clean. That's when the problem arises.

We are told today that Jesus Christ is not the only one. He is just one among many.

In the midst of that kind of atmosphere, which was very similar in New Testament day, the Apostle Paul writes the words which I have read for you from the scriptures this morning. In those words the Ap ...

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