by Jerry Vines

Important Aspect of Christian Life
Jerry Vines
Daniel 9:1-5

We are going to the book of Daniel tonight. It is not in any way remotely connected with the blasphemous television program that is now out, "The Book of Daniel," which, by the way, I think is on the way out. I think it is going to be short lived. The word I'm getting is that the ratings are falling like a rock, and they are down to only one sponsor. When you don't get the money coming in, they go off really soon. Let's just pray them off the air.

I'm in the book of Daniel, God's Holy Word, in the Old Testament. I'm going to talk to you on what I believe is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life. This is one of the most remarkable chapters in the Bible. It closes with what may be the key prophecy in the Bible as it has to do with the end times. But the chapter begins with something very practical and very down to earth and basic to the Christian life.

You know the story of Daniel. As a young man, Daniel was carried captive from his native homeland, Jerusalem, over into the land of the Chaldeans. He was in Babylonian captivity. Early on he was selected to be a member of the king's official cabinet, so to speak. He served for a long, long period of time.

He is one of the most remarkable characters in all of the Bible. He was a statesman, a diplomat. He was a believer in that setting.

Sometimes we get the idea that everything that goes on in Washington is totally pagan. But would you be interested to know that in Washington there are many strong, born again Christians and there are many Bible study groups going on there?

Here is Daniel, a man involved in the political climate of the day. Yet, he was a man of God. He served God in that circumstance and in that situation.

What we have here, right in the middle of the book of Daniel that has all of these visions of Daniel and all of these prophecies which God gave to this great man, we are given ...

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