by Jerry Vines

Come to the Supper
Jerry Vines
Luke 14:16-24

In just a few minutes from now I am going to extend an invitation for many of you in this building to come to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior. I do it on good Bible grounds

On the last page of the Bible it says, ''And the Spirit and the bride say, Come, and let him that heareth say, Come, and whosoever is athirst, Come, and let him take the water of life freely.''

I also do it on the basis of this story which the Lord Jesus told in which He compares the great invitation to salvation as an invitation to come to a great supper.

I'm always glad that Jesus did that. Salvation is a feast. It is not a funeral. The devil has done a pretty good job convincing people that if they give their life to Christ, all of the fun in life is over.

Some Christians don't help it a great deal either. Some Christians walk around with a tombstone under one arm and a casket under the other. But salvation is a banquet hall. It is not a concentration camp.

The Bible says that he invites them to come to a great supper, not just a supper, but a great supper. Think for a moment about the greatest banquet or supper you have ever attended.

We had a great banquet last Friday night with our deacons and their wives. What a marvelous supper it was, and what a beautiful, lavishly provided table we had. But that supper Friday night compared to this supper of salvation is like cotton candy at a carnival

I remember a few years ago I went to a catfish place on a fish camp. I ate so many catfish that night that I felt like I had fins on my face and hushpuppies on my feet. But as magnificent as that great supper was, it is like bread and water on a pauper's table.

Think about the greatest supper you have ever attended. The Bible says that salvation is like a great supper, and on the table of salvation there is everything your heart could desire. On that table are trays of forgiveness and there are bowls of love ...

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