by Jerry Vines

That's the Gospel
Jerry Vines
Romans 15:29; I Corinthians 15:1-5

Almost 24 years ago now I came to be your pastor here. I could say in the words of the Apostle Paul that when I came, I came unto you in the fullness of the gospel of Christ.

You will notice that the word "gospel" is a word that is frequently used by the Apostle Paul. In fact, he begins the letter to the Romans in the very first verse talking about the fact that he has been separated unto the gospel of God.

All through the writings, all through the letters of the Apostle Paul you will find that he makes references to the gospel. He talks about the glorious gospel. He talks about the gospel of God. He talks about the gospel of Christ. He talks about the truth of the gospel. He talks about the word of the truth of the gospel. All kinds of combinations of words and phrases does Paul use with this word gospel.

Of course, you know what the word gospel means. It is taken from the Greek word "euaggelos." Euaggelos, you think about Los Angeles, city of angels. The word angels, angelos, means messenger or message. You angelos, you message. We think of the word euphoria, a filling of wellness. The word "Eu" means well. Angelos means message or good news.

We know then that the word gospel means good news. I don't know about you but we are living in a world where we could certainly use a little good news. We are living in a world where there is a whole lot of bad news.

Didn't it just break your heart in the last several days when we picked up our newspaper and there on the headlines it said, "One dead, 12 survived. They're alive." Can you imagine those precious families in West Virginia as they thought they had heard what was good news, but it wasn't long before they heard bad news that only one survived and there were 12 dead. Indeed, we are living in a world where there is bad news.

I heard about a television repairman who was called by a lady to her home to look a ...

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