by Jerry Vines

Is There Really a Heaven?
Jerry Vines
Revelation 7

I want to tell you a couple of experiences out of the 50-plus years of my ministry. The first of these experiences is about a young pastor friend of mine. Many years ago I had a young pastor friend, and still have him as a friend, and his name is Ike Reighard. He was a pastor in Georgia, and we talked together on a regular basis.

I remember one morning in my study the telephone rang and it was Ike. I could tell immediately by the sound of his voice that there was a problem. The problem was that his wife was expecting their first child. She went into the hospital to deliver the child. Things seemed to be going normally. Yet, in the middle of giving birth to that child, his wife died. He told me that, and then he asked me, ''Doc, is there really a heaven?''

Let me tell you the second experience. This experience came to pass many years before that in Cedartown, Georgia. I would preach, and in the invitation time a 15-year-old girl would invariably come to the altar and she would pray. She was praying for her unsaved father.

I visited her father on several occasions. I sought to win him to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to no avail. Then one morning, early in the morning, my phone rang reside my bed. I picked up my phone and the voice of the 15-year-old girl said, ''Preacher, my daddy just died and he went to hell.''

The question is, ''Is there really a hell to which this man may have gone?'' Is there really a heaven and hell? Those are the two big questions. If there really is a heaven and if there really is a hell, then all of these years of my ministry I have been involved in something very important and my ministry has not been wasted. But if there is not a heaven and if there is not a hell, then for over 50 years I have wasted my life on unproductive activity.

Is there really a heaven and is there really a hell? There are voices all around us, and they are saying that there is no such thing as ...

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