by Jerry Vines

How to Pray
Jerry Vines
Matthew 6:9-15

On Sunday nights I am trying to share with you some of the main themes which have characterized my preaching ministry in the years I have been with you and what I consider to be some of the important truths which help us in the Christian life. For instance, last Sunday night we talked about the Bible and the importance of the Bible. When we read the Bible, God is talking to us.

This evening I want to talk with you about prayer because when we pray we are talking to God. We read our Bible in our daily Bible time. You do have a daily Bible time, don't you? You need to have a daily time when you read the Bible because that's when the God of the universe talks to you.

Then we also pray in that daily time. We talk to God. I want to talk to you, just a very simple, nothing profound, message on how to pray.

The Lord Jesus Christ spent a very brief time on this earth. He was here approximately three and a half years. I lived two years for every year the Lord lived on this earth. His life was very, very brief.

He didn't have a great deal of time to spend on non essential matters. The Lord Jesus focused in on the important things in His life and gives us an example by His life.

On an occasion the disciples came to the Lord Jesus and they made a request. What do you think the disciples would ask of Jesus? For about three and a half years they followed the Lord. They were His disciples. They saw Him in every imaginable situation. What do you think the disciples asked Jesus for?

Did they say to Jesus, ''Jesus, teach us how to preach?'' Of course, it was going to be very important for them to know how to preach because they were to preach the Gospel unto the ends of the age. But they didn't ask Jesus to teach them how to preach.

What did they ask Jesus to do? Did they ask Jesus to teach them how to heal? We know that they did heal people. The Lord Jesus Christ healed, and how impressive it must have been as they s ...

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