by Jerry Vines

Walking with God
Jerry Vines
Genesis 5:21-24

What I am trying to do for you on Sunday nights is to share with you some of the main themes of my ministry and of my preaching, some truths which I have felt to be very important truths. Through these years I have tried to share these with you and that will bring me to some passages of scripture that I have used through the years.

If the Lord lets me live three more Wednesday nights I will complete a series in the book of Deuteronomy, which means I will have a series on every book of the Bible. Many of you mark your Bible, and in the margin of your Bible you put when I preached a particular passage of scripture. Sometimes you will come by and say, "Preacher, you preached on that in such and such a year." It's kind of hard now not to go back to some places where I have preached before having gone through the books of the Bible in survey fashion.

This evening I want to talk with you on the subject "Walking with God." Is there anything more important than walking with God?

The fifth chapter of the book of Genesis has been called the death chapter in the Bible. When you begin the fifth chapter and began to move down through these verses, you will notice that there is a recurring phrase in this chapter. If I have counted correctly, eight times in this chapter it says, "And he died."

It tells about a certain person. It tells how long they lived and then it says about them, "And he died." It is a recurring phrase. That's why we call it the death chapter in the Bible.

"And he died." It's like the solemn tolling of a funeral bell. It's like the squeaking wheels on a funeral carriage. It is like the dropping of dirt clods on a funeral casket. Eight times in this chapter it says, "And he died."

That phrase is first of all a vindication of the words of God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God said to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, "There is a tree here and you are not ...

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