by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Philippians 2:1-4

I think you could argue the case that the church at Philippi was the best church in the New Testament. There are others that may qualify for that title, but it seems to me that by many ways of measuring, you could say that Philippians is the best church in the New Testament.

It is certainly a source of great joy and satisfaction to its founder, the Apostle Paul. You may recall that Paul made his journey there to the city of Philippi, and there were a series of first conversions which formed the nucleus of the church. As you read this letter of Paul to the church at Philippi, you will find that virtually in every way there is love and appreciation and gratitude for these wonderful believers in the church of Philippi.

But having said that, I also want to say to you that the church at Philippi was not a perfect church. Sometimes when we read about the churches of the New Testament we get the idea that they were perfect, that there were no flaws in the church whatsoever. But there are no perfect churches.

In fact, if you are here this morning church shopping and you are looking for a perfect church, you will not find First Baptist of Jacksonville to be a perfect church. But as you continue your search for a perfect church, if per chance you should find a perfect church, I would encourage you not to join it because you would spoil it when you became a member. There are no perfect churches.

The church is not a trophy case for the exhibition of perfect saints, but the church is a school for the education of imperfect believers. We are all growing in the Lord. We are all seeking to be what God wants us to be.

A church, if it is a good church, is a church that is still going to have some difficulties and problems in it. Satan is not going to disturb a sleeping church, and he is certainly not going to resurrect a dying church. So if there are problems in ...

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