by Jerry Vines

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Things Don't Just Happen (5 of 21)
Series: Joy Book
Jerry Vines
Philippians 1:12-20

There are some passages in scripture when it is helpful to you to put yourself in the shoes of the writer. These verses are a passage where it is helpful to do that.

Of course, we know that the writer is none other than the Apostle Paul. He is writing to us about some of the circumstances of his life. It helps you to try to get into his skin for a little while and see how he feels and experience what he's going through, to be able to understand why he writes in the way he does.

The Apostle Paul's circumstances at this particular time were not exactly appealing. Things were not going real well for Paul. At this particular time he is a prisoner in a jail cell in Rome.

A variety of misfortunes have come his way. He had been victimized by an illegal trial. He had been arrested and placed on a ship to go to Rome. Along the way there had been a shipwreck, and he had been marooned on an island for a period of time.

When he arrived in Rome he was placed in prison. There were chains around his arms and around his feet. The circumstances and the conditions there were less than desirable.

In addition to this, the Christian community there in Rome was not overly receptive to the Apostle Paul. In fact, there were preachers who were jealous of Paul and they were rather glad that he was in prison. So at this particular time, the circumstances of Paul were not exactly favorable.

I want you to notice as Paul deals with these circumstances, what he does not say and what he does say. If you have a King James Bible in your hand and you are looking at verse 12, there are two words in that verse which are printed in what we call italics. That means smaller letters than the other letters. You will notice that the two words are "which happened."

He says, "But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things," and then it adds, "which happened un ...

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