by Jerry Vines

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What a Happy Fellowship! (3 of 21)
Series: Joy Book
Jerry Vines
Philippians 1:3-8

You are familiar with the book of Philippians as one of the most familiar books in all of the Bible, and you understand that this book is a love between Paul, the pastor, and his beloved believers there in the church of Philippi.

Paul started that church. He went there as recorded in Acts 16. He preached the gospel there and he won converts to the Lord.

Now, some 10 years later, he is writing back this beautiful letter, and all the way through it you see the obvious love between pastor and people. For instance, we will read in the last chapter that they sent a special gift to Paul to assist him in his missionary endeavors. In addition to that, they sent a man from the congregation named Epaphroditus to personally attend to the needs of Paul.

Here was a church that was greatly involved in the ministry of Paul because they loved him and they believed in what he was doing.

In return Paul is writing this beautiful letter to them. It is obvious as you read this letter that this has to be indeed his most beloved and his favorite of all of the churches which he founded.

In fact, did you notice that four times in these verses he used the phrase "you all." That's some evidence that Paul was a Southerner. But it means that they are on his mind. They are in his thoughts. He is thinking about them.

Another thing that you have to remember is that Paul wrote this from prison. You will notice in verse 7 that he talks about "my bonds." You will notice in verse 13 that he says, "So that my bonds." Paul was in jail at the time.

I don't know about you, but if I had been writing a letter from the jail it would have been all about me. I would have been talking about how uncomfortable it was in the jail, and I probably would tell you how long the chain was that bound me. I would probably tell you how cramped I was and how bad the meals were. It would ...

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