by Jerry Vines

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Goodbye, Moses (13 of 13)
Series: Deuteronomy
Jerry Vines
Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12

One of the greatest affirmations that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, in my own mind and heart, is what’s taking place in this service this evening. A little over 23 years ago now I came here and started a series of messages in the book of Acts. Then from there I went to another book and then from there I went to another book. Now, 23-plus years later, I’m coming to the final book. There was no way I could know 23 years ago that the final Bible study I would give would be from the book of Deuteronomy.

It just happens that the book of Deuteronomy, as those of you who have been coming on Wednesday nights know, is a series of farewell sermons from Moses to the people. That just has to be God. There’s not a way in the world I could have done that. It has to be God. I thank Him for it and praise Him for it. I’m just grateful to come to this particular study this evening.

Do you remember the statement in Psalm 90, verse 12 where it says, ‘So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom’? When you go back to that particular Psalm, you will discover that that Psalm is a prayer from the lips of none other than Moses. It is Moses who said, ‘So teach us to number our days.’

Moses has been living for 120 years. He’s coming now to the closing hours of his life. What he gave us in that prayer in Psalm 90, verse 12, is good for us right now. We need to number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom. We need to be aware of every day and live every day to the fullest for the Lord.

But especially are these words poignant as Moses looks now at the final days of his life. In fact, he’s down to the final hours of his life. Soon Moses will go to heaven. The children of Israel, under a new leader, will be carried into the Promised Land. He is giving them final words.

Final words are significant. The last words a person has to say are significan ...

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