by Jerry Vines

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Right Worship (6 of 13)
Series: Deuteronomy
Jerry Vines
Deuteronomy 12-13; 18:9-22

Moses is the wise pastor. He is instructing the people as they are preparing to enter into the Promised Land. He has reviewed their past. He has reminded them of God's blessings upon them and their responsibility to be obedient to the commands of the Lord.

He has given what we call the backward look. He has given the inward look. Now he is getting ready to give them the forward look. He is turning their attention toward the land of Promise. In that setting and in that atmosphere, Moses is going to share with the people the importance of right worship.

Worship is the most important thing we ever do. Whether it is public worship or whether it is private worship, it is absolutely the most important thing we ever do, the worship of God. It is very important that we worship God correctly.

Everybody worships. Someone said, "Man is incurably religious." That's true. You can go to any civilization anywhere on the earth and you will find that they worship some way. They may be worshipping sticks and stones but they are worshipping in some way. Man is incurably religious.

In these chapters and verses which we are going to consider this evening, Moses is trying to teach the people the importance of worshipping God correctly. You have to keep in mind that we are in Old Testament territory. In order to get the message for us and apply it for us, we have to read these verses with our New Testament glasses on. In other words, we have to keep in mind that we have a stage of revelation. You are at some particular point of revelation and that you do not complete the revelation of God until you go into the New Testament.

There are lessons which Moses gives the children of Israel, primarily here, which can be used and applied to how we go about worshipping God as well.

I. The Right Place.
There are several main divisions we are going to follow. Firs ...

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