by Jerry Vines

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Series: Deuteronomy
Jerry Vines
Deuteronomy 8-11

This is a new generation. They are poised to go into the Land of Promise. Their future is bright with promise, and it is fraught with difficulties. There are the dangers of idolatry and materialism and pride. God is speaking through Moses to give the people some words of warning.

They were heading into the land of milk and honey, but you and I know that life is not all milk and honey. There are some problems and difficulties along the way even as we walk in the promises of God.

Moses is giving the people the truth. We always need to hear the truth. One of the problems of some of the modern preaching we hear today is that too often the whole truth is not told. You need to get the whole message. You need to see things as they really are.

Oliver Cromwell, the great English leader, was having his portrait done. As he began to sit for the artist he said, "I want you to paint me pimples and warts and everything as you see me. I want it to look like me."

When you study the Bible, God gives the pimples and the warts and everything just like we are. The Bible is a mirror, and when we study the Bible, we see ourselves in the mirror of God's Word. You will never correct the wrong in your life until it is pointed out to you. You will never improve until you see the need for improving.

That's what Moses is doing for the people of God. He is putting them in front of the mirror of God's Word.

There is a transition going on. They are about to transition from the wilderness experience into the Promise Land experience.

Transitions are never easy. Some of you are making a transition to a new neighborhood. Maybe you have just recently moved into Jacksonville and it's a transition for you. Perhaps you have started a new job and it's quite a transition and the learning curve is pretty steep. Transitions are never easy.

The children of Israel are getting ready t ...

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