by Ernest Easley

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Getting Something for Nothing (9 of 9)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 20.1,15

Moms and Dads ... I have some wonderful news for you today: you have 357 days left in 2006 to point your sons and daughters to Jesus Christ and his word this year! It ought to be the prayer of every parent this new year: ''Lord, give me the grace to not only tell my children about Jesus, but to show my children Jesus.''
I'm afraid that too many of us only tell our children about Jesus without showing our children Jesus! When it comes to Jesus and our families ... it should always be Show and Tell! Don't be a phony parent in 2006! Don't be one thing at home and something else at church! You can fool and fool and con a con .. but you cannot kid a kid!
Well ... that is exactly why God gave Moses 10 guidelines for building godly homes! God knew that those parents would need some help once they arrived in the Promised Land if they were going to build godly homes.
The way to teach your children to love God is for You to love God. The way to teach your children not to take God's name in vain is for You not to take his name in vain. The way to teach your children to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy is for You to keep it holy. The way to teach your children to honor your parents is for You to honor your parents. The way to teach your children not to murder is for You not to murder. And yes .. the way to teach your children not to steal .. if for You not to steal.
If you say to your children, ''Don't steal. Don't take something that's not yours'' .. and then you steal .. you're teaching your children ''You shall not be found out'' rather than, ''You shall not steal.''
I want to talk to you this morning about ..
''Getting Something for Nothing''
Exodus 20.1,15
Now in thinking about Getting Something for Nothing .. consider with me ..
(1) The Violation of this Guideline that Hurts Us.
Now remember .. God is guiding us as parents her ...

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