by Ernest Easley

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Purity Is the Best Choice (8 of 9)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 20.14
December 11, 2005

Now with God's Word opened to Exodus 20 .. let me ask you parents a question: do you want God's best for your children? You say, "Pastor, of course I want God's best for my children!" Then you better get busy pointing them to God and His Word! Lead them by example!
But understand something: you cannot teach them what you're not willing to practice! You're wasting your breathe! If you want God's best for your children ... lead by example! Let' not only teach them truth .. let's show them truth.
Dads ... do you know how your sons learn to become men? Just look in a mirror! There's your answer! Boys learn to be men by watching their Fathers! Mothers .. do you know how your daughters learn to become women? That's right! By watching you!
A few months ago I was talking to our oldest son soon after his daughter was born. He started talking about how he was going to raise her. In the conversation he said, "I'll tell you one thing, she'll never raise her voice to me or get into my face."
With a grin I said, "Now son .. don't you think that's a little strong. Where did you come up with that?" He looked me in the eyes and said, "From you .. that's where!" I thought to myself, "he's really going to mimic what I modeled .. isn't he?"
I'm now hoping that he doesn't implement my weaknesses in raising his children! By the way .. do you know where I got that? My father! No man has influenced my life anymore than my father. To this day .. I have never raised my voice to my Father. And do you know why? I wanted to live!
You see .. every Father .. every Mother really influences at least 3 generations: Their own generation. The next generation through their children. And the next generation through their grandchildren! And if we do anything right as parents .. it ought to be pointing our sons and daughters t ...

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