by Ernest Easley

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Choose Life (7 of 9)
Series: Guidelines for a Godly Home
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 20.1,13

We are learning these days from the Word of God Ten Guidelines for building a godly home! Take your Bible and turn with me to Exodus 20. What Fathers and Mothers need is some information to help them build godly homes and to say along with John in 3 John 4, ''I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.''

I read recently about two men at bar who notice another man sitting near them that kept falling off of a stool into the floor. They watched him fall off of a stool four times until finally they decided to help him get home safely.

So .. each man took an arm and headed to the door. This poor man fell down four times on the way to the door. As they helped him to their car .. he fell down five more times. Well .. after getting his address .. they finally arrived at his home. As they helped him out of the car to his house .. he fell down 3 more times.

They finally got him to the front porch and rang the door bell. His wife opened the door and they said, ''Mam .. we have brought your husband home.'' She said, ''I have just one question: where is his wheelchair?''

Now .. those two men didn't have enough information to really help. And what God has given us in Exodus 20 .. is needed information to help us build godly homes!

Keep in mind that God gave these 10 guidelines to Moses for him to pass them along to the children of Israel for them to teach their children as they prepared to enter the Promised Land. God knew they would need help to fortify their families once they had arrived.

In doing so .. the first 4 guidelines deal with their relationship with God. The last 6 guidelines deal with their relationship with others. And we have learned that the order God gave these was intentional. The best thing you can do for your family is to get right and stay right with God. For by doing so .. you can be right in your earthly relationshi ...

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