by Ernest Easley

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The Three Men of Third John (3 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
3 John 12-14
January 8, 2006

As you are turning to 3rd John ... let me remind you that there are 5 one chapter books in the Bible. One in the Old Testament: Obadiah; and Four in the New Testament: Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude.

They remind me of emails: short and to the point! And yet .. we tend to skip over them due to their briefness. They may be short .. but they are not insignificant. In fact ... they are as inspired by God as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And not only are they inspired .. they are inspiring!

Tonight .. we find ourselves back in the 4th of the 5 emails from God: the book of 3rd John. Now if 3rd John tells us anything .. it tells us that conflict in the church is nothing new!

Now nobody likes conflict .. but folks .. conflict is unavoidable! It is unavoidable at work. It is unavoidable at home. It is unavoidable .. yes .. even at church! What we need to decide is how we're going to respond to conflict!

You see .. conflict can either divide or unite. It just depends on how you respond to it! Two little boys get into a fight and bloody the nose of the other and walk away friends!

There was a man shipwrecked on a deserted island for several years. Finally .. when his rescuers found him .. they are amazed at how well he managed by himself on the island. The man wanted to give them a little tour at all he had done while there.

Well .. they came to three little huts. The man began explaining the purpose of the three huts. He said, "Well, this first hut was my home and the second hut was my church." Somebody then said, "What's the third hut for?" He said, "Oh, that's where my second church met for worship .. we couldn't get along with the first group."

You get 2 Baptist together and you'll end up with 2 opinions! As long as people are involved .. there is going to be conflict! What we need to learn is how to use conflict to unite us ...

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