by Ernest Easley

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The Three Men of Third John (2 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
3 John 9-11
December 4, 2005

Now before we share in the Lord's Supper .. join me in the 4th of the 5th emails in God's Word. And of course I'm referring to the New Testament book of 3rd John.

Now if 3rd John tells us anything .. it tells us that conflict in the church is nothing new! And again let me say that when a church declares the Word of God and determines to do great things for God and tries new ways to reach the lost for Christ .. it's going to be messy!

I believe that's one reason we have so many churches today struggling. And here's where the struggle is: ministering to the saved while at the same time changing paradigms in order to reach the lost.

Every church goes through the same cycles: Birth .. Growth .. Plateau .. Decline .. Death. And if you're a part of a church during the Birth and Growth period .. and you're still there during the Plateau period .. and you're still there during the Decline period .. the tendency is to "long for the glory days .. to return to the past ... to recreate the past."

You can no more return to the past nor recreate the past that you can unscramble an egg. This is a new day! And this day is different from all other days! And it's going to take new methods .. new models .. new ministries to reach this generation for Christ.

And again .. don't let that scare you! Let that excite you! Now last Sunday night we were introduced to the first of the Three Men of Third John. His name was Gaius. He had great influence for the gospel. He was a godly man. He was a generous man and John loved him dearly!

Now tonight .. we're going to meet the second of the Three Men of Third John. His name: Diotrephes. Last Sunday night we read of John's ...

(1) Confirmation of Gaius.
Now beginning in verse 9 .. we read of John's

(2) Condemnation of Diotrephes.
Vv. 9-11, "I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to hav ...

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