by Ernest Easley

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The Three Men of Third John (1 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
3 John 1-8
November 27, 2005

We have discovered that God has included in His word ... five EMAILS. Yes .. there are 66 books in the Bible ... but five of them are much like emails: short and to the point! In fact .. they are so short, they are often overlooked.

What a tragedy ... and here's why: they are loaded with practical truth! Obadiah .. Philemon .. 2 John .. 3 John and Jude. Tonight .. as we continue our series of messages entitled EMAILS.COM ..we come to the fourth of the five emails .. the book of 3 John.

So .. join me for a few minutes in the New Testament book of 3 John. John reminds us in these 14 verses that conflict in the church is nothing new. Sometimes we get to thinking how wonderful it would had been to be a part of the first century church. The start of all those new churches on Paul's missionary journeys! Experiencing Pentecost and seeing thousands saved!

Well .. as wonderful as those things were .. I'm not so sure I would had wanted to be there. The early church was plagued with problems. Frankly .. whenever a church declares the Word of God and determines to do great things for God and launches new ways to reach the lost for Christ ... it's going to be messy..

What a challenge we have these days as a church! Every generation of Christians has faced some of the same challenges we face today! And I'm talking about the challenge of reaching their generation for Christ! And I'll tell you how I know that every generation of Christians have faced some of the same challenges that we face today: because cultures are constantly changing! The other side of that coin is that while cultures constantly change .. churches constantly resist change. Some churches would rather die than change. And the longer they resist change .. the gap between them and their changing culture widens and the possibility of that church in reaching that culture for Christ lesso ...

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