by Ernest Easley

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Hope for the Runaways (1 of 2)
Series: Hope for the Runaways
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Last Sunday night I was privileged to preach at First Baptist Church of Thomasville where Dr. Dan Spencer is pastor. He asked me several months ago to come and preach on King Hezekiah and to share my journey through the cancer valley. They have such a wonderful fellowship there in Thomasville!

And I'm thankful for the fellowship we enjoy here at RSBC! Now that the City Council has voted to rezone our property and to comply with several variance changes ... we now are waiting to hear back from our Construction Team with the pricing of our project. Actually .. this is the second pricing exercise we have gone through.

Due to the price of steel rising some 60% and the changes we discovered that the city wants to one day complete on Roswell Street .. we had to go back to the drawing board. Now one of two things will happen. Either the price will come in where we hope or it will come in high.

If it comes in high .. then we will take another look at the plans to see what adjustments are needed. If the price comes in where we hope .. we will then go to the Banks to secure a loan. After securing the loan .. we will begin the final stages of the demolition. That is the latest!

Now ... let's see how well you were listening a few weeks ago when we began this Sunday night series of messages under the heading of How many one chapter books are there in the Bible? 5!

Obadiah .. Philemon .. 2 John .. 3 John and Jude.

These 5 one chapter books are like emails: they get straight to the point! No rabbit chasing! No rambling! Just the facts! Well .. it's from these 5 one chapter books that we learn some life-changing truths.

Now having completed the OT book of Obadiah ... tonight we're turning our attention to the NT book of Philemon. So take your Bible and join me Paul's letter to Philemon. In these 25 inspired verses we learn a wonderful ... timeless ...

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