by Ernest Easley

Gone Back to Fishing
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Luke 5:1-11
July 10, 2005

As you are turning to the New Testament book of Luke .. let me remind you that this is the Gospel according to Luke! And what does the word "gospel" mean? It means "good news." It seems that all week long we get bombarded with bad news: the missing girl in Aruba ... 3 explosions on buses in London killing and injuring innocent people in London ... we could sure use some good news!

Do you know why the first 4 Books in the New Testament are called "the gospels?" Because they all tell the good news about Jesus! If you want to learn more about Jesus .. just spend some time in the 4 gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

This morning in Luke 5 ... Luke tells us about an incident involving Simon Peter and his two business partners: James and John the sons of Zebedee. Jesus was at Lake of Gennesaret (Geh ness uh ret) which was another name for the Sea of Galilee .. teaching the Word of God. The crowds got so large .. that he had to be creative in order for the people to hear Him.

There was nothing stiff or inflexible about Jesus when it came to soul winning! He was always coloring outside the lines for the purpose of winning souls! Sometimes He taught in the Temple. Other times He used a side of a mountain for a pulpit .. or a house .. or even a cemetery! Learn this about reaching people for Jesus: the best place you can be for reaching people for Jesus is where you are!

The problem is not that people are not opened to the gospel .. the problem is that we're not sharing it! It thrills the Devil when God's people keep the good news of Jesus to themselves! God is looking for churches to bless that are committed and passionate about spreading the gospel! We need to say, "Lord, we'll be that church! We'll build whatever is needed! We'll give whatever is needed! We'll go wherever is needed! We'll try whatever is needed so that the world may come to know you as ...

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