by Ernest Easley

The Miracle of God's Forgiveness
Ernest L. Easley
John 8:1-11

This morning from the gospel according to John, I want to talk to you about The Miracle of God's forgiveness! Today, if you are full of guilt, empty of peace, searching for purpose, and fed-up with life, then this mornings message is for you! Full of guilt, empty of peace, and searching for purpose, fed-up with life!

That pretty well describes the life of a woman whose story is found in John 8. Now remember, this is John's ''gospel'' and the word ''gospel'' means ''good news.'' Which means that there is good news for you who are full of guild, empty of peace, searching for purpose and fed-up with life!

You say, ''Pastor Easley, is there really any good news for me today?'' Yes! Not only is it good news, it is great news! It is glorious news! It is grand news! You say, ''What news is so good and great and glorious and grand?'' It is the news that
there is not a sin so bad, so big, so black bleak, that the blood of Jesus cannot wash and make whiter than snow! There is not a sin, not a stain that the blood of Jesus cannot clean! I'm talking about The Miracle of God's Forgiveness!

Now somebody says, ''But Pastor, I've committed the same sin more than once. Will God still forgive me?'' There was a cartoon in a magazine that showed an exasperated father saying to his prodigal son, ''This is the fourth time we've killed the fatted calf.'' God does that over and over again in our lifetime! No sin is too big that cannot be thrown into God's ocean of forgiveness!

Here is how God said it through the Prophet Isaiah 1.18, ''Come now, and let us reason together' says the Lord. 'Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.''

And so from John 8, I want to show you the Miracle of God's Forgiveness. I want to show you how God can take your sin, forgive that sin, and then set you free from burden and bondage of your si ...

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