by Ernest Easley

How to Survive Times of Darkness
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Isaiah 50.10-11
August 28, 20005

Thank you choir, orchestra and Babbie Mason! Isn't it great having Babbie with us again at RSBC! Thank you Babbie for always keeping the focus of your music on Jesus! And choir .. aren't you glad that Babbie will be joining you in December for our Christmas Celebration? I can hardly wait!

Now join me in the OT book of Isaiah. And once there .. turn to chapter 50. Believe it or not ... if you live long enough ... you're going to find yourself in times of darkness .. in times of difficulty. The Bible says in Job 14.1, "Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble."

Nothing will make sense to you. You'll question God: "why me? why now? Why us?" You will wonder what He's up too! And knowing that ... we need to know how to survive times of darkness ... how to make it through the night!

You may be a new Christian thinking, "Darkness? Difficulty? I thought I was through with that when I got saved." Well .. not exactly. You are through with going through those dark times of your life alone! God says, "I will never leave you or forsake you." Now you have God's presence with you! Now you have God's power in you! Now you have God peace within you!

His presence! His power! His peace! Mixed with His grace is the secret to surviving times of darkness! I would rather be in the dark with Him than to be in the light without Him! Well .. that's what we find here in Isaiah 50!

How to Survive Times of Darkness
Isaiah 50.10

V.10, "... who walks in darkness and has no light? Do you see the word "darkness?" It speaks of the absence of light. It is the picture of somebody walking through life and then suddenly walking into a deep darkness. No longer can they see the road signs .. curbs .. turns ... warning lights! No longer can they distinguish between a friend and an enemy. No longer are they sure where they are because ...

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