by Steve Wagers

Which 'H' Word Best Describes Your Home?
Steve N. Wagers
Psalm 128
February 12, 2006

1. The Father that Strengthens a Home!
A) A Man Loyal to God!
B) A Man Living for God!
2. The Faith that Shapes a Home!
A) A Committed Faith!
B) A Consistent Faith!
3. The Future that Succeeds a Home!
A) The Blessing that is Promised!
B) The Beauty that is Pictured!

A census taker was working in the hills of Arkansas. He walked up to one shed where a woman was sitting on the step. After introducing himself, the census taker said, "How many children do you have?" The woman answered, "Fo'."

The census taker then asked, "May I have their names, please?" The woman replied, "Eenie, Meenie, Minie and George." Confused, the census taker said, "Okay, that's fine. But may I ask why you named your fourth child 'George'?" She replied, "Because we didn't want any Mo'."

Journalist Rowland Nethaway recently wrote an interesting article concerning the role reversal of the home in the last 30 years. He writes:
"Adults have always complained about their children, but today is a different matter. There have always been wile and rebellious kids who would go off track and do something wrong. But they knew where the track was, and what was wrong. Many of today's children don't seem to know right from wrong, and many don't seem to care. Thus, today's children are robbing, maiming and killing on whims with no pity or remorse."

Someone has said:
Parents want...
More credit for their card
More romance for their marriage
More patience for their parenting
More time with their family.

Children want...
More playtime in their daytime
More clothes in their closet
More money for the mall
More parties for their pleasure.

If we were to describe your home, I wonder which "H" word would do it the most justice. Would you home be considered a little bit of "Hell" on Earth, or would it be considered a little bit of "Heaven" on Earth?

Psalm 128 is a Psalm tail ...

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