by Brad Whitt

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A New Beginning in Worship (7 of 7)
Series: All Things New
Pastor Brad Whitt
Isaiah 6:1-8

INTRO: I want you to take your Bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Isaiah chapter 6 if you would. This morning we will be concluding our new year's series of sermons that we have entitled "All Things New," and I hope that you have taken some time during these past 7 weeks to make some fresh commitments, some new determinations to God in these areas that are called "the spiritual disciplines." I pray that you've made some fresh commitments in the inward disciplines of Bible study and prayer. I pray that you've made some fresh commitments in the outward disciplines of service and witnessing. And I pray that you have made or will make some fresh commitments in the corporate disciplines like we saw last week in the area of giving or like we'll see today in the area of worship.

You know, I was thinking this week as I was praying over and beginning to prepare for this message that there is probably no more highly debated or hotly discussed topic in the modern church today than the issue of worship. Books have been written telling us pastors how to put an end to "worship wars." Churches will discuss and debate and even divide over the form or fashion or flow of their worship. Whenever two people begin to talk about their churches, inevitably the conversation will come back around to what style of worship your church has or their church has. Is it formal or is it casual? Is it traditional or is it contemporary? Is it seeker sensitive or is it seeker driven? Do you sing hymns or choruses or a blend of both? Do you use an organ and a piano or a keyboard and a guitar? Are the words on the screen or in the bulletin or in the hymnbook? You know, I'll tell you, it's not just sad, sometimes it's enough to even make you sick.

ILLUS: I heard about a church up in Magnolia, North Carolina that printed this mistake in their bulletin: "If you must 'he ...

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