by Michael Romero

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Paralyzing Immobility (1 of 4)
Series: Living in Newness of Life
Michael A. Romero
2 Corinthians 5:17


The New Year has always been a change for people to start over and recoup what they lost last year or to set new goals for this year. It is a chance to restart projects, mend relationships and so on. It is a time we focus on one word, "new".

Our God is familiar with the word "new" as He is the one who "makes all things new" and so I thought it would be fitting to focus on what God has called each and every Christian of life! So naturally that is where the title for our sermon series comes from and where I want us to focus our thinking for the next few weeks. I want us to focus on "Living in Newness of Life".

I don't know about you but every once in awhile I come to a place in my life were I want something different. I want to see something in a new way, I want to know something I never knew, I want to meet someone I have never met, and I want to accomplish something I have never achieved. Basically, I want to experience something new in my life.

Peering into scriptures tells us that God, although unchanging is a God that replaces old with new. So many scriptures tell us about the "new" changes God has made throughout time to bring about His plan.

Phrases like,

- "I will make all things new"
- "New covenant or new Testament
- "New birth
- "New man"
- "New heavens and new earth"
- "New wine and new oil"

...affirm that God is always doing something new and something fresh.

Today I would like to suggest that God does not want you to get bored with the Christian life. I don't believe God meant for Christianity to be boring. I believe Christianity should be refreshing, exciting, and new every moment and that God desires to reveal to us new things everyday.

God's Word shows the Christ-follower that he or she is not to linger in the past but instead to thrive on their new environment. I want to invite ...

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