by Stan Coffey

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Perseverance of a Spiritual Champion (3 of 8)
Series: God's Olympics
Stan Coffey
James 1:12; Revelation 2:10

Today we continue to talk about God's Olympics. Two weeks ago we began this series talking about God's Olympics and we began looking at the passages of Scripture that deal with crowns. These crowns that Jesus will one day give to us when we stand before Him are like gold medals. They are the ultimate reward, the ultimate achievement. And the Bible says that is we will be spiritual champions, one day we can stand before the Lord and receive our gold medal, our commendation from Him. And these are crowns.

Now we looked at the first one as we talked about ''The Profile of a Spiritual Champion''. Paul was getting ready to die and he said there is a crown of righteousness that the Lord will give to me and not to me only but to all those who love His appearing. Then last week we looked at that passage that deals with the incorruptible crown. And there we are reminded that the Christian life is like the Olympics because in the Olympics the participants strive. They give all to win the prize. Paul said the one difference is theirs is a prize that is temporal and God's prize is a prize that is eternal.

Then today we are going to look at not only the profile, not only the pitfalls of a spiritual champion but also ''The Perseverance of a Spiritual Champion''. One of the things all Olympians have is the quality of perseverance or else they would not even be in the Olympics - the perseverance of training, the perseverance of discipline, the perseverance of practice. And if you are going to be what God wants you to be in your personal, spiritual walk with Him, it is going to take that quality of perseverance. Without it you cannot be a spiritual champion any more than the Olympian can be a champion without the perseverance it takes to get him into the Olympics and then to get him to be the very best in all the world in his field.

Every time we watch the Oly ...

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