by Steve Wagers

The Missing Link!
Steve N. Wagers
Ephesians 5:18
January 15, 2006

Sermon Outline
1. A REAL Experience
A) The Manifestation of His Presence!
B) The Mandate for His People!
2. A REPEATED Experience
A) A Continuing Fact!
B) A Controlling Force!
3. A REMARKABLE Experience!
A) We Will Sing with Gladness!
B) We Will Speak with Gratitude!
C) We Will Submit with Grace!

William E. Biederwolf, former president of the Winona Lake Bible Conference, told the following story. A young sculptor worked painstakingly on the statue of an angel. When the great Michelangelo came to view it, the artist hid nearby and waited to hear the master's comment.

Michelangelo looked intently at the sculpture with breathless suspense. At last he said, "It lacks only one thing." Hearing this, the young artist was heartbroken. For days he could neither eat nor sleep. A friend became so concerned for him
that he went to Michelangelo to ask what the statue lacked. The master replied, "It lacks only life; with life it would be perfect."

Today, we would also find many churches, and people, who are like that statue. Outwardly, they have an admirable appearance. They are good by the standards of the world. They live moral,
exemplary lives. They are respected citizens who are active in charitable functions. They are faithful members in their churches. However, there is something missing: spiritual life!

Several years ago, one of the most famous running game shows was given the name, "The Weakest Link." It was hosted by a wonderfully personable British lady who would poll the contestants with a round of questions. Whoever answered the fewest questions during the round would be considered the weakest link, and could be voted off by their competitors.

Tonight, I don't want to talk about the weakest link, but the missing link. In other words, there is something missing in the church today, and it is the person, presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

I ...

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