by Chuck McAlister

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Jehovah Rohi...God Loves Me (9 of 11)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Psalm 23:1

(A) Series: THE NAMES OF GOD ...Knowing God: The Answer to your greatest needs.
... The names of God are God revealing Himself to His people at the point of their greatest need.
... One of our greatest needs ... to be loved.
1- We all have a desperate need to be loved ... In fact, I believe it is the greatest need we have!
2- Yet we live in a culture that treats us like a number ... actually, like many different numbers.

-- SS# ... bank account numbers ... credit card numbers ... password numbers for your different websites ... How many forget your passwords?
... You get one number you can remember ... use it over and over again.
-- Recently renewed driver's license ... SS# used for driver's license number ... have to get a different number now ... another number to learn.

* Since we live in a world of numbers ... as you entered this morning ... you were given a number.
* Hold on to it ... I'll explain it later.
3- It's hard not to buy the message that you're a number if you live in our culture.
... Identity theft ... steal one of your numbers -- can't steal you.
a- That's why so many in our society look to numbers for security.

-- Ex: Guests -- #1 concern in church -- Are my children safe? ... When we raise security level for children in our church -- we will do it with bar codes and numbers.
-- Do you know why? ... People who are not accustomed to church feel safer when their children are assigned numbers ... studies done ... small sacrifice for us to help unchurched feel safe ... until we can help them understand that God sees each of us as a person without a number.

* To God, you're more than a number.
* God loves you ... He meets the greatest need in your life ... the need to be loved.
* You believe the message that you're a number? ... That's why you settle for substitutes to God's love ...

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