by Chuck McAlister

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Jehovah Nissi - The Lord Helps You (6 of 11)
Series: The Names of God
Chuck McAlister
Exodus 17


(A) Series: THE NAMES OF GOD ... Knowing God: The Answer to your greatest needs.

1- We are on a journey to grow closer to God by learning His names so we can know Him better.

2- In Biblical days ...

a- Names defined relationships ...We do that ... ''Dad'' ... ''Pastor''... ''Pappa'' ...

b- Names also reflected a person's nature ... the name told you who the person was. c- God is so complex that no one name can adequately describe Him ... His nature.

d- As we learn the names by which God is known ... we learn more about who He is ... and we can grow closer to Him ... redefining our relationship with Him ... the more we understand that He is ... The Answer to Your Greatest Needs!

3- Thus far, we have seen how God meets our needs:

a- Elohim ... Creator ... He is the Answer to My Need for a Purpose... He created me for a purpose.

b- Adonai ... Lord and Master ... He is The Answer to My Need for Significance ...He helps me set the priorities for my life.

c- El Elyon and El Shaddai ...Almighty God, Most High and Almighty God, who nourishes ...

He is the Answer to My Need for Power ... He is more powerful than my situation, and He makes His power available to me.

d- Jehovah and Jehovah Jireh ... The Ever Present Lord and the Lord Who Provides ... He is the Answer to My Immediate Needs... He meets me in the moments of my life and provides whatever I need.

e- Jehovah Rophe ... The Lord Who Heals ... He is the Answer to My Hurt ... He makes the bitter experiences of my life sweet.

4- This morning ... we learn that God is Jehovah Nissi ... The Lord, my Banner ... He is the Answer to My Need for Help.

a- ''Banner'' ... not a flag or banner as we think of it ... means ''to glisten''!

''Banner'' in ancient times ... a staff or pole or rod with a metal ornament that would glisten in the sun ... The staff or pole or rod acted ...

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