by Chuck McAlister

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Adonai: You Have a Master (2 of 11)
Dr. Chuck McAlister
Genesis 15:1-6


(A) Series: THE NAMES OF GOD ... Knowing God: The Answer to your greatest needs.
1- Welcome to The Church at Crossgate Center ... we have a new church ... at a new location ... with a new name!
a- Our new name ... CROSSGATE ... is very important to us!
b- Purpose of our new name ... to exalt Jesus ... based on John 10:9 ...Jesus said, "I am the door (gate). If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved..."
c- "CROSSGATE" = by the cross, Jesus is our gate to eternal life.
d- Names are important to us ... We use names to define our relationships ... "To some, I am Pastor Chuck ... Dad ... I have a new name, too, only 2 years old -- Poppa -- to my grandchildren ... Sweetheart, to one person."
2- In Biblical days ... Middle East ... names not only defined relationships, but a person's nature ... who a person was ... was tied up in his/her name.
3- This was also true of God ... Our God is one God, but He is so complex that no one name can adequately describe Him ... so God chose to reveal Himself to man by revealing His names to man.
a- Knowing God's names define our relationship with Him ... the better we know Him -- the closer we grow to Him.
b- We are on a journey to learn more about our God ... to grow closer to Him by learning His names so we can know Him better.

-- Someone has said: "God has no favorites, only intimates."

c- Those who are intimate with God are those who are growing closer to Him by learning more about Him.
* The closer you grow to God ... the more you come to understand that He is ... The answer to your greatest needs.

4- 1st week ... God is your Elohim, your Creator ... He is The Answer to Your Need for a Purpose ... He created you for a purpose.
5- Once you know God as Elohim -- then you are faced with a decision ... Will you go ...

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