by Chuck McAlister

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Elohim: God Made You on Purpose (1 of 11)
Series: The Names of God
Chuck McAlister
Genesis 1:1


(A) New Series: THE NAMES OF GOD, Knowing God: The Answer to your greatest needs.

1- Our church, new start, carry out a new ministry with a new name in a new location.

2- Our new name is very important, CROSSGATE, a name that seeks to exalt Jesus - not ourselves!

3- Names are important, they are a way of revealing something about ourselves, about what is important to us, they are used to define our relationships.

Ex:, I am known by many names, according to the relationship I have with someone, To some - I am Dr. McAlister (not my preference), Chuck, Brother Chuck, Pastor Chuck, Dad, To a select few - Poppa, To one - I am Sweetheart!

4- The greater the intimacy, the more personal the name, We use names to define relationships in our culture.

It would not be appropriate for you to call me, ''Sweetheart'' - that name is reserved for only one person, the person with whom I share the greatest intimacy ...

(B) As important as names are to us ...whether a personal name or the name of our church, they were far more important to the men and women of Middle Eastern culture during biblical times.

1- They not only defined their relationships by names, as we do, but they felt that someone's nature, their being or essence was in some way tied up in their name.

Ex:, When God wanted to give Adam control of the Garden of Eden, He let Adam name the animals, to demonstrate that the animals had been created for him and that he had authority over them in their total being.

Another example, The practice of cutting, or entering into a covenant, When 2 people entered into a covenant with each other, they would seal the covenant by changing their names, their essence had changed.

This practice has come into our culture through the marriage ceremony, which concludes with the bride taking on the husband's name because they are now in a covenant wit ...

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