by Michael Romero

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The Spirit of Christmas (4 of 4)
Series: The Messiah
Michael Romero
Luke 2:11


Today is Christmas Day. Smells of Christmas cookies and colorful foods enrich dining rooms all across the world. Today is the day visiting family and friends are found laughing together about memories and creating new ones. Today is the day where businesses all around the country proudly display their "Closed for Christmas" sign.

It is a different day. It is a joyful day. It is a day for exuberant laughter and heartfelt gifts of good-will to those less fortunate. However, for is just another lonely day.

Some have no family and some will perhaps have no visitors at all today.

Children sit in orphanages with abundance of gifts but without the only gift that they really want...a family.

Meanwhile, those living out the rest of their years in solitude grieve to have grandchildren laughing and playing around them.

Some have experienced deep loss during past Christmases – divorce, death in the family, job loss, and on and on.

Some struggle with addictions even more during the Holidays as there is little else their mind can think of to do on Christmas Day.

This day may not be happy for some. Saddened faces can still be seen in the midst of all the Holiday cheer. The lights, the trees, the presents, the food, the friendships are overshadowed by the abuse of women, children, elderly and other non-suspecting people around the world.

They will have to find a way to make it through today.

Will you join with me in a quick prayer before we move ahead in our study of God's Word? [prayer]

You may be wondering why I started a sermon on a sad note. You can call me "Scrooge" if you'd like. But in my humble but accurate opinion I would have to say...Jesus came for people like those I just described. Jesus comes to those with broken hearts and contrite spirits.

However, some would suggest that these people have no reason to celebrate.

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