by Brad Whitt

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Jacob: A Pilgrim Faith (7 of 10)
Series: Walking With the Giants
Brad Whitt
Hebrews 11:21; Genesis 27-28, 32-33, 48
November 27, 2005

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at Hebrews chapter 11 if you would. We are in a series of messages on the heroes and heroines of the faith that are listed for us here in Heaven's Great Hall of Great Faith. We have entitled this series of messages, "Walking With the Giants," and the reason for that is because over the past seven weeks we've simply been walking and working our way down through this tremendous listing of the faithful to see what lessons we can learn and what characteristics we can catch by walking with these mighty men and wonderful women of the faith.

This morning, as we come to Hebrews chapter 11 and verse number 21, we are introduced once again to a man by the name of Jacob. We were told first about him last week, when we saw where his father Isaac blessed him and his estranged brother, Esau, "concerning things to come." But in between verses 20 and 21 there have been more than 100 years that have passed, and now Jacob is an old man. He's 147 years old, and he's just about to die. And the Bible says, "By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff."

Now, since this is the week after Thanksgiving, I want to take a little bit of pastoral prerogative. If you'll notice there in your bulletin, I had planned on calling Jacob's faith "a quiet faith" because the Bible says in Genesis 25:27 that he was a "mild man" or a "quiet man." Then, as I began to study Hebrews 11 even more I thought about calling Jacob's faith "a dying faith" because he was definitely about to die. But then I saw that last little phrase, "leaning on his staff" and I remembered why Jacob had that staff – he was a pilgrim. This was his pilgrim's staff.

ILLUS: As a matter of fact, that's exactly what Warren W ...

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