by Brad Whitt

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Sarah - A Receiving Faith (5 of 10)
Series: Walking With the Giants
Brad Whitt
Hebrews 11:11-12; Genesis 18:11-15

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at Hebrews chapter 11 again if you would. We are continuing today in our series of sermons on the heroes, and as we'll discover this morning, the heroines of the faith, as well, that we have entitled, ''Walking With The Giants.''

Hebrews chapter 11 really is an amazing chapter. I know that I have said that virtually every week, but it's still true. As a matter of fact, it's one of the greatest chapters in the entire Bible. It's right up there with John chapter 3 and Romans chapter 8. I think that the reason that's so is because whereas John chapter 3 tells how we're loved and Romans chapter 8 tells us how we're liberated, Hebrews chapter 11 tells us how to live. And it does it in a way that connects with just about every one of us here this morning. What the writer of Hebrews, who I think was Paul, does is this. He gives us, in this chapter, little snapshots of people who lived for God and loved God just like we want to today.

Now, you know what a snapshot it. It's a simple picture. It's not meant to detail every single aspect of the person. It's not meant to communicate their whole life story. It simply gives you the essence of the person. But here's the great thing about these pictures, these snapshots - especially for the men and women mentioned in this great chapter - they only show their good side.

ILLUS: I was talking to Mark English a couple of weeks ago. Mark does a lot of photography work for us here at the church, and by the way, he does a great job. He is stepping up in the world, getting to fly all over the place and take pictures of professional football players and stuff like that. But I was talking to Mark about a picture that he took of me a couple of years ago - and if I do say so myself, it's a great picture. As a matter of fact, out of al ...

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